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Singapore is ranked as one of the top countries that performed the best in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).

Singapore Math focuses on mastery, not just learning for a test.

Hence study Singapore Math creates opportunities for students to develop mathematical problem solving skills that are important in the 21st century. Supporting this focus are the five inter-related components: concepts, skills, processes, metacognition and attitudes. 

Study Tool #1

Empowering Mindset

Learn to be motivated and driven like top students to score A grades by working smarter and not harder.



Results improve to A


He​ enjoys the lessons because they are interesting and allow my son to learn at his pace. I am happy that I found someone good to explain the Math concepts and model drawing. His results used to be below average and I'm very lost. After we sign up to be a member of SSM, he scores his first A in his mid-year exam. Now he is confident to keep scoring As for the upcoming exam.

- Kathy, Mother of Jason

Equip Your Child With 3 Study Tools

That Give Them A Winning Advantage

Study Tool #1

Empowering Mindset

Learn to be motivated and driven like top students to score A grades by working smarter and not harder.

Study Tool #2

The S.S.M Method

Proven Step-By-Step Lesson used by Top Students. Plus 500+ Math Practice Questions

Study Tool #3

Math Helpdesk

Student Support to ask Math Question with a community of teachers, students and parents





Both of us had troubled scoring A and we are frustrated with some math problem sums. Luckily, we get to ask Mr Tan and the teacher how to do them. Now we are more confident in scoring As in Math as we know we have the full support.

- Steffi & Stella



Before joining SSM, I struggled with Math. After I joined, the lessons gave me a better understanding of the subjects and improved my grade as well. I would like to thank Mr Tan and the teachers.

- Zhi Xin



In school, I don't like learning because my teacher is so boring. SSM not only is fun, but also very easy to understand learning what is taught. I look forward to both online lesson and class lesson.

- Ashley


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