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New MOE Math Syllabus from 2013

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

MOE Math syllabus are review from time to time.

Some people say Math is getting harder as some topics are move down from Secondary Math to Primary Math curriculum. We guess, Nowadays kids are getting smarter, maybe?

Let us see the changes.

Primary 3

Students will now be taught how to construct parallel and perpendicular lines using a set square and ruler in lower Primary. This was previously taught only in Primary 4.

Example question:

Construct a line parallel to AB passing through point C.


        A                               C

Primary 4

Tessellations have been completely removed from the PSLE syllabus. Students are now required to know how to draw squares and rectangles within a grid, and manipulate the orientation of the shapes.

Example question:

Construct a rectangle, with AB as its breadth.

Primary 5

Students are now required to solve questions involving rate, which was previously taught in Primary 6, as well as drawing different perspectives of 3D solids against a dotted background.

Example question for rate:

If 4 men take 6 hours to clean 2 houses, how long will 6 men take to clean 3 houses?

Changes to focus on applied learning

There is a shift in assessment objectives, with a greater emphasis on applied learning or some known as authentic learning.

Rote learning by memorising and practising Math is no longer applicable. Problem solving, such as heuristics are important to boost every child learning today!